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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a set of tools and skills to help you “simplify and perfect” your business processes.

The “simplify” comes from the Lean background, which focuses on only doing value-added tasks by removing the 9 types of wasteful activities. Learning to see these 9 types of waste is something you will learn in training. The “perfect” comes from Six Sigma, which is a data-driven way to reduce the amount of variation that exists in your processes. That really means you can be more consistent and reliable with your customers when your processes perform with less variation from customer expectations – it is said that customers don’t experience the “average” level of service they experience the variation which can lead to customer disappointment. Learning how to discover and reduce the causes of variation in your processes is something you will learn in Lean Six Sigma training.

In a one-day White Belt Lean Six Sigma class you can learn how to remove waste and variation from your processes, so you can simplify and perfect your business to achieve faster customer delivery, better productivity, better product & service quality, and lower costs while making your workplace safer.

Want to see some examples of Lean Six Sigma in practice?

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