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If you want to learn about Lean Six Sigma and then apply it in your own way, this can be the option for you. Simply schedule some training classes with us and your people will be developed with new skills and knowledge that can be applied directly to the workplace

How does developing our people fit in with Lean Six Sigma? One of the underlying principles of Lean Six Sigma is respect for people in the workplace. This involves developing each person to be effective problems solvers, by giving them a chance to solve problems themselves instead and to utilise their process experience and insight. When the work is made easier for people the work flows better – when the improvements come from the people in the process there is a stronger acceptance for change and the improvements are better sustained.

Most often organisations want their newly-trained Green Belts to be supported in their first few Lean Six Sigma projects. By providing mentoring and coaching support the trained Green Belts have improved confidence and technical ability and will strengthen the knowledge they learned in the classroom. By putting the training into practice and becoming effective Lean Six Sigma implementers, the organisation gets an improved return-on- investment from the Lean Six Sigma training. The goal of mentoring and coaching is to allow the belt to achieve self-sufficiency and become fully competent in running & completing Lean Six Sigma projects. With mentoring from D9, more belts will complete projects, those projects will be completed in less time, and the organisational capability will be strengthened.

Since 2012 D9 have trained over 100 green Belts and have mentored over 40 of these. D9 has achieved a 94% success rate with students completing their first project with 63% completing two or more projects.

D9 tailors the coaching to the needs of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – whether that means being in project meetings in a supporting role or doing one-on- one “clinics” with the Green Belt, the goal is to develop the person, and in doing so, the business will benefit most. D9 can also support your Green Belts remotely, including across different time zones and different countries.

Is this option best for you?

If you prefer to learn and apply knowledge at your own pace, and have a high priority for developing your people, this can be your best option. Should you want some coaching/mentoring to support your people D9 can provide this to augment your classroom training