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D9 can help your processes become “faster, better, lower cost and safer”. Many projects deliver on all of these goals, but usually projects get initiated to achieve one of these as a key deliverable

Here are some examples of completed projects;

Faster – reduced lead times

Problem statement; As of September 2012 a spool manufacturer was required to supply 23,300 Spools by Jun 2013. Based on the current run-rate of 197 spools per week the spools manufacturer is forecasted to complete the full order of 23,300 Spools in Apr 2014, an estimated 10 months behind schedule
As the spool manufacturer was on the critical path for the LNG construction project, the delayed spools were a critical risk to first-gas target date

Tools used; Value Stream Mapping, Measurement System Analysis, Standard Operating Procedures

VRI project presentation Spool Throughput 2013 from D9 Process Improvement

5 – Day Kaizen Event focusing on AR Changeover to:
– Lead time reduction
– Cycle time reduction
– Improve workflow
– WIP reduction
– Improve ergonomics, housekeeping & safety
– Clear SOPs & training materials

– 81% Lead time reduction
– 37% Cycle time reduction
– 80% WIP reduction

Kaizen Blitz multicoat loading area April 2005 from D9 Process Improvement